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Designer kaori  tsuji




Japan Aroma Environment Association Certified Aromatherapy Advisor

Certified Instructor by SHINSHO Association in Japan.

Born in Kitami City /Hokkaido, Japan. Currently resident in Sapporo/Tokyo.

B.A. in Law Discipline, Faculty of Law in Sapporo Gakuin University. Major in Evening Course of General Formative Design Department in Hokkaido College of Art & Design.


From 2006, I worked as Graphic Designer, principle in print such as brochure, poster, package, illustration, etc., in several Design Offices, Bridal Operating Companies, and General Advertising Agencies.

In 2016, I moved to Tokyo, and have been working mainly in Tokyo and Sapporo as Designer.

In addition, I am currently working on design of the original products of  which combines art  with wooden general merchandise as MADE IN JAPAN products.


All the work is created with keeping in mind that to bloom beautiful flower on every work by expressing myself as my true colors like the word “桜梅桃李”, Sakura (桜) as Sakura, Japanese Plum (梅) as Japanese Plum, Peach (桃) as Peach, and “Plum (李) as Plum”, they all blossom original beautiful flower.

[Business Partners]

・ alphagate Corporation (2016~)

​・ accesstrade Corporation (2020~)

[Illustration provided]

・ Grove Entertainment Inc. (2015~)

・ iapp  Corporation (2016~)

・ Favori (2019~)

・ atelier ELU (2020~)


[Aroma Item ]


・ISLANDWAY (2020~)

・IDEA (2020~)





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